Hi-Precision Diagnostics



1.     Checks daily operations in the section in accordance with the Laboratory’s Standard Operating Procedures.

2.     Reviews pending transactions of test requests and takes action accordingly (with command responsibility for monitoring of pending report and ensuring all are released on time).

3.     Orients and trains new employees or rotating personnel regarding all processes and procedures of the section.

4.     Presides daily section meeting and submits report to the Laboratory Manager (main).

5.     Conducts lectures and trainings to technical and non- technical personnel.(main only)

6.     Evaluates and conducts performance evaluation of Laboratory Staffs in accordance with their assigned duties and responsibilities.

7.     Evaluates and investigates complaint of clients regarding laboratory-related as necessary; recommends corrective and preventive actions through the Incident Report program.

8.     Reviews implementation of approved laboratory procedures, instructions and guidelines;

9.     Reviews evaluation results of new reagent lot/new machine/new methods prior to submission to Chief QA. (main)

10.  Reviews proficiency testing results prior to submission to Chief QA.

11.  Investigates and verifies reagents/supplies spoilages.

12.  Reviews schedule of duties of section/ branch personnel.

13.  Recommends topics, seminars and attendees for laboratory staff’s continuing medical education. (main)

14.  Constructs written examination for section staff as part of Annual Competency Testing.

15.  Reviews and submits Weekly Status report of machines & test in designated Section.

16.  May be required to perform the duties of Senior and/or Junior Medical Technologist, laboratory processor, or Chemist (for Trace Metals) as necessary.

Validates overtime duties of section staffs for approval of Laboratory Manager/Managing Director


  • Graduate of B. S. Medical Technology, must be licensed
  • With over 5 years experience handling at least 8 subordinates
  • With certificate training in BActeriology from Reserach Institute of Tropical Medicine
  • Excellent knowledge in methods and principles of laboratory tests and their application or correlation in disease states
  • Must be a computer literate

Hi-Precision Diagnostics (HPD) was formed with the mission to provide the highest quality laboratory services by fulfilling customers’ expectations with integrity, innovation, quality, accountability and leadership.

Hi-Precision Diagnostics is constantly working for its vision of having dedicated people in a complete and modern computerized medical diagnostic facility, providing precise and top quality healthcare for customers through advanced technology and unsurpassed service at reasonable prices.

With 18 years of quality healthcare, HPD has the largest network of medical diagnostic facilities in the Philippines, with over 20 branches located in Mega Manila and Metro Cebu, and employs over 1,000 medical professionals and staffs.