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FACILITIES ENGINEER (Mechanical Engineering)




          A Facilities Engineer is responsible in refining operation and maximizing efficiency in production, cost reduction of project base, and facility planning. 


1. Plans and implements the design of plants, offices, and production lines. 

2. Maximize the use of available space and improve production efficiency. 

3. Ensure that established efficiency and safety target are met. 

4. Estimated cost related to lay-out design including equipment and materials labor and monitoring. 

5. Motivations for Facility Planning.

5.1 Productivity gains and cost savings in areas of material handling, personnel and equipment utilization, inventory level. 

5.2 Employee health and safety. 

5.3 Energy conservation.

5.4 Community Consideration, Fire Protection, Security

6. Cost Reduction Project Base Q, C, P, D. 

6.1  Design, review and implements new process or improvements in the operations or construction of manufacturing or related facility. 

6.2  Analyze material cost and labor cost, set procedures and standards, review construction or production bids. 

6.3 Plan, design, and oversee the reconfiguration, maintenance, and alteration of equipment, machinery, building and other facilities. 

7. Refine Operation And Maximize Efficiency. 

7.1  In ensuring the smooth operation of plants and other type of facility.

7.2  Refine operations to maximize efficiency

7.2.1 Depth understanding of production schedules, engineer specifications, process flow, and other information about the process of facility.

7.3 Improvement of process flow and delivery more efficient.

7.4 Analyze material and labor costs, development and determine what particular needs and control systems that will reduce cost. 


1. A graduate of Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. 

2. At least three to six months experience.

3. Willing to work in a manufacturing set up. 

4. Computer literate.

5.     With BOSH and PCO training is an advantage.



  • At least 1 year(s) of working experience in the related field is required for this position.
  • Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor's/College Degree on Engineering (Mechanical).
  • Preferably Fresh / Entry Level specializing in Engineering - Mechanical/Automotive or equivalent.

Additional Information

  • Location: Laguna, CALABARZON.
  • Full Time position(s) are available.
  • Number of vacancies: 1.

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