Content Editor (Biology)

EBAR Abstracting Company, Inc.


  • At least 3 year(s) of working experience in the related field is required for this position.
  • Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor's/College Degree, Post Graduate Diploma / Master's Degree on Biology.
  • Preferably Junior Associate (1-4 yrs experience) specializing in Journalist/Editor or equivalent.


  • Edit to correct inaccuracies in content such as errors in concepts, facts, procedures, computations (dates, events, names of people, institutions, grammar, etc.)
  • Check that there is adequate explanation of concepts to avoid misconceptions and conflicting statements
  • Revise in observance of the 4 C’s of communication: correctness, clarity, cohesion, and consistency
  • Language editing component:
    • Vocabulary is appropriate to the intended users: For example, for Grades 3 below, the meaning of words need not be searched from dictionaries. For higher grades, materials may include more difficult and/or technical and specialized terms.
    • Statements are in the positive form; Remove sexist language; Use language that promotes equality & respect of each race, ethnicity, religion, and culture.
    • Eliminate wordiness, triteness, repetition, and inappropriate jargon; Improve awkward phrasing and tone.
    • Determine applicability of language directed to learners vs language directed to teachers
  • Flag potential instructional problems, social content concerns, and the like that may hamper learners’ development.
  • Flag material assessed to be needing a major rewrite.

Additional Info

  • Location: San Juan City, NCR.
  • Full Time position(s) are available.
  • Number of vacancies: 2.

About Us

A leader in the Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) sector, EBAR Abstracting Company, Inc. (EACI) provides specialized editorial, production and technology services to the world's leading media, publishing and information services companies, helping them create and manage content more efficiently and economically. The company also helps information-intensive companies in fields from defense and aerospace to IT and telecommunications - reduce costs and improve how they create technical documentation and customer and product information. 

Our Vission:

To create competitive value for the customer via provision of effective, efficient and high quality KPO services based on original and insightful application of domain knowledge and best practice solutions to customer needs and requirements.

Our Mission:

To enable our clients to realize significant cost savings and productivity gains from their content-related operations, to help them achieve better outcome and compete more effectively in demanding global market.


Our KPO services specifically target processes that demand advanced information analysis and interpretation, as well as judgment and decision-making. For information and media companies, these services include content creation and enhancement, analytics, taxonomy and controlled vocabulary development, hyper-linking, indexing, abstracting, technical writing and editing, copy-editing and general editorial services, including the provision of synopses and annotations. These services cover a wide spectrum of disciplines, including medicine, law, engineering, management, finance, science and the humanities. To provide these services, we have organized knowledge teams which consist of educated and highly trained people with expertise in relevant subjects.

EBAR Abstracting Company Inc., is a subsidiary of Innodata Inc.